The MPR Toroidal RF System provides a natural method to fight aging in addition to offering an effective way to reduce dimples based on a toroidal distribution of radiofrequency. This unique concept allows to achieve an even transmission of the energy and quickly reach the therapeutic temperature. Moreover, it will allow to effectively control that temperature during the treatment.

Established in 1965, Silhouet-Tone is considered a leader in medical esthetics science. Manufacturer of medical esthetic equipment and furniture, Silhouet-Tone keeps innovating and brings to the market state-of-the-art devices. Oriented toward excellence, with an eye on safety, all its components meet the highest standards in the industry, and are certified by the trusted international technical consultancy organization and approved by health local authorities. Operating across 53 countries, Silhouet-Tone’s headquarters are in Canada with subsidiaries in the United States and Europe.

S.T MEDIC is the medical line of Silhouet-Tone’s products, specialized in rejuvenation and toning. It also includes a range of devices providing innovative treatments for skin imperfections and hair removal.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 120 / 230 V
Frequency: 60 / 50 Hz
Intensity: 1 A
Safety level (with grounding): 1
Outlet in contact with the client: BF Type
Operating Mode: Continuous
Output: 45 W
Tolerance/ Precision of the displayed information: 15 %
Rated load: 500 ohms
Rated output frequency: 1 MHz
Maximum output voltage: 106 Vrms
Protection fuse: T1.5AL. 250 V
Dimensions Width: 114 cm 45 po
Height: 50 cm (20 po)
Depth: 47 cm 18,5 po



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Frequently Asked Questions

The MPR RF Toroidal System improves the appearance of:

  • Redefine the oval shape of the face and lift the wrinkles of the cheeks
  • Smoothen the crumpled aspect of the neck
  • Improve the orange peel appearance and cellulite
  • Reduce skin sagging and slackening
  • Tighten the belly slackening that occurs following a change of diet or a pregnancy
  • Smoothen stretch marks and scars

YES. The MPR Toroidal RF System is designed by experts under scientific supervision and is certified by TÜV for safety and efficiency. It is also approved by Health Canada for sale.

NO. While heating is gradual and controlled, the treatment is painless and cozy.

YES. The MPR Toroidal RF System suits all types and colors of the skin. It helps improve moderate slackening and may also be used to prevent aging signs. The treatment may not suit some people with a special condition*.

*Click to see the list of contraindications

Most clients feel their skin more tight right after the first session with a significant improvement of the firmness and texture. In average, six to twelve sessions are required depending on the expectations. The number of sessions will be decided together with the beauty professional at a rate of one session per 7 to 14 days. One session per month will then be required to maintain the results.

With a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, the results will last. However a maintenance treatment session is required at a frequency that will be decided jointly with your beauty professional.