Results of the MPR Device

Who may benefit from the MPR RF Toroidal System’s treatment

All types and colors of skin

including black and mixed skin

Men & Women

Face & Body

(one handpiece for each)

Why should you choose the MPR RF Toroidal System

Unique features

Most performant RF process that is available on the market
Highly secure system: 3 safety devices
Better control of the therapeutic temperature for a more effective treatment
Ease of use and intuitiveness of the user interface
Ergonomic hand pieces
Bigger areas treated at a time on an even mode compared to other processes
Material’s biocompatibility
No downtime
Few or no side effects

Use it alone

The MPR RF Toroidal System provides a comprehensive treatment either to rejuvenate the face or to tighten the body leading to amazing results:


Global tightening of the skin leading to the elevation of the eyebrows
Reduction of nasolabial wrinkles and bitterness folds
Reduction of the skin laxity on the upper neck and the chin area


Improvement of the arms slackening
Better firming of the belly
Improvement of the skin’s texture on the thighs and buttocks

Or combined
to other

A treatment course of multiple sessions with the MPR system may be combined to other skin care treatments for even more impressive results.

Proven results

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Exclusive cost-effective approach

The RF Toroidal technology is the most effective RF procedure in the industry:

With its Toroidal configuration, it requires less energy to heat the skin, dermis and subcutaneous tissue while improving the efficiency and consistency of the treatment
Bigger area treated at a time compared to similar treatments thanks to the toroidal configuration
Cost-effective and profitable compared to similar systems while generating better results

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Case Study

An open cohort study was made on a period of 6 months. It included 15 healthy men and women, aged from 30 to 61 years old which had no contraindications to the treatment. A care plan was established for each participant. Pictures were taken before and after the treatment. 12 sessions were scheduled plus a visit per month for a total of three visits following the treatment. Finally a last visit was scheduled and new pictures were taken.

Out of 15 participants, eight persons were having a face treatment while all participants had a body treatment.