What is radiofrequency?

What is Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency (RF) is an electromagnetic energy used for decades in the field of surgery to ensure hemostasis during the surgical ablation of tissues. Used on a large scale for ablation, its virtues in the med-esthetic industry are renowned and growing popular. Radiofrequency is increasingly used for :

  • Thermocoagulation: This technique is about removing skin’s vascular abnormalities such as telangiectasia, ruby points, etc. Radiofrequency is used for thermocoagulation purposes in Silhouet-Tone’s VascuLyse 2G RF system.
  • Electrical depilation: Radiofrequency is used in thermolysis for ‘permanent’ hair removal. This technology may be used by itself or combined to galvanic currents to improve the comfort of the client during the depilation process i.e. Silhouet-Tone’s Evolution 5HD.
  • Skin tightening and body shaping: Radiofrequency’s efficiency in skin tightening is due to a warming effect on the skin tissue leading to the shrinking of the dermis connective tissue and subdermal layers on one hand, and in triggering the production of new collagen and elastin (hyaluronic acid) on the other hand. Silhouet-Tone’s team is proud to present our latest radiofrequency system, the MPR Toroidal System.

Innovative Toroidal approach

The MPR system is based on a toroidal multipolar RF technology that will heat gradually the target tissue until the therapeutic temperature is reached, while protecting superficial skin tissue. Due to the toroidal configuration of the energy fields, the target surface will be heated more evenly and more effectively while using a lesser energy to warm up the skin, the dermis and subdermal layers.

The toroidal configuration mechanism is based on a controlled distribution of the RF energy. Unlike the classical multipolar configuration, the toroidal dispersion controls the algorithm which allows a better and more even absorption of the energy, while ensuring a steady temperature during the treatment (temperature control).

Concept and Care Duration

While applied onto the skin which is an efficient conductor of heat, radiofrequency will warm up the target tissue in depth.

The MPR RF Toroidal System warms up slowly and gradually the target area until the therapeutic temperature is reached. While heating is gradual, the treatment is more efficient and convenient for the client. The MPR’s Toroidal profile has a stabilizing effect providing amazing results. The esthetic effect on the MPR system is based on a gentle heating of the subdermal skin tissue which is made of collagen and elastin, leading to shrink and thicken the collagen and enhancing skin tightness and suppleness.

Treatment duration:

depending on the target area.